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Evolving Your Ecommerce Platform Without Replatforming

A high-level introduction to evolving your outdated ecommerce platform in an agile way with modern technology.

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Leveling the playing field

Many of today’s most effective shopping experiences use APIs and microservices. Before, these experiences were only able to be built by companies with large development teams. Now that’s changed.

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Traditional vs modular replatforming

Moving from one monolithic platform to another all at once is currently the status quo. But it takes too much time. Modular replatforming lets you add new technology to your existing ecommerce stack with piecemeal development.

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APIs and Microservices

APIs and microservices give you the ability to completely replatform or gradually evolve your platform in a modular way. Many of today’s most effective shopping experiences (think Amazon) use APIs and microservices.

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Evolve your ecommerce platform with Fabric

See what makes Fabric the world's most flexible and scalable commerce platform.

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