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Discover A Retail Brand's Guide to Headless Commerce

Made Specifically For Outdated Retailers by Ex-Amazonians & Ex-Googlers

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What’s in the book

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    A retail brand’s guide to headless commerce

    It’s been more than a century since a different pandemic disrupted commerce across the globe. Yet while the current crisis is not exactly unprecedented, this time something is very different: Businesses can shift their sales efforts to online platforms. And they have.

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    The short comings of ‘rip-and-replace

    For brands looking to perform at the same level as Amazon, it’s been tough to envision solutions beyond “rip-and-replace” — a process that involves taking an old e-commerce system, chucking it out the digital window and replacing it with an entirely new one.

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    Going headless for e-commerce agility

    As it stands, many e-commerce-heavy brands are still struggling to provide customers, their internal teams and their partners — including developers, engineers, marketers, merchants and more — with seamless e-commerce experiences.

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    Aging architecture is a problem— especially for larger companies

    As things stand, many mid-market and enterprise companies are still running platform architecture that was constructed as much as 15 or 20 years ago.

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    Checkout is everything in the customer experience

    For many customers, a smooth and intuitive checkout experience is the difference between making a purchase or moving on to another brand.

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    Integration and progress are intertwined for e-commerce

    Ultimately, this is what it boils down to: Brands and retailers must choose between integrating new tools into their existing operations or replacing their platforms entirely.

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    Selecting the right tools and simplifying the steps drives revenue

    At a moment when e-commerce is an invaluable lifeline for companies struggling to replace lost revenue, it’s beyond counter productive to drain a company’s coffers while bringing sales to a dead halt.

Who's Talking About fabric

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fabric is run by commerce veterans helping brands migrate from legacy commerce systems. Our headless platform is geared towards providing intuitive business applications for retail buyers, planners and marketers.

Brands need world-class experiences to drive growth, powered with modern platforms that provide speed and flexibility.

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